Doogh is one of the traditional drinks of Iran that is traditionally and industrially available in the market for people today.

Doogh is a type of drink made from yogurt.

The salted dough was mixed with spices such as pepper.

To prepare the sweet type, rose, mango or lemon was mixed.

This drink is used in Iran and Turkey.

The Indians also made their own special dough called lasi, which had two different flavors: salty and sweet.

Doogh is made by mixing yogurt with water, salt and other additives, including mint and peppermint essential oils.

The use of sweet doughs that resembled sweet lasse has become common in the United States.

The American people also call this dairy product “our drink.” [5]

In traditional livestock farms in areas north, west and other nomadic areas after our preparation

Too much of it is very difficult to store and transport.

Once every few days, the yogurt is poured into a large bowl that differs in different areas

And with severe shaking and adding half a gram of water to our fat

The original animal butter is separated and suspended on the liquid, and eventually the fat is collected.

The remaining liquid is the same dough that the sour taste as well as the yogurt makes it delicious.

To make it easier to carry, the liquid is poured into large 80-liter bags and the water is drained.

And the solid left, which is like yogurt, is an abbreviation of doogh, which is very easy to supply.

And it is very popular in the northern regions, especially in the west of Mazandaran.

It is obtained by drying the water-soaked dough in the curd sun, and it is also extracted from the water that comes out of the bag.

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