Price of Device

The price of the device
The price of the device

Price in the simplest sense is the amount that is demanded from a customer for each product or service.

In a broader sense, price is the sum of the benefits that customers have in return for the benefits

Or the supplier uses any product or service they use.

Price has always been one of the factors influencing the buyer’s choice.

In recent decades, non-price factors have become increasingly important.

Of course, price remains the most important determinant of any company’s market share and profitability.

Price is the only revenue element that combines marketing elements.

The other elements of this combination are costly. Price is also the most flexible element in combining marketing elements.

Contrary to the characteristics of the goods and the obligations of the distribution network, the price is rapidly changing.

Pricing is also the number one problem that marketing managers face in many companies.

So many of them can’t handle it.

One of the current problems for companies is to maintain their sales instead of relying on buyers

“They will benefit from the money they pay.”

They are lowering their prices. Another mistake made by these companies is that when determining the selling price,

Instead of paying attention to cost, they do not consider other elements of marketing elements in their pricing.

Some managers view pricing as a nuisance and prefer to focus on other elements of marketing instead of pricing.

Of course, there are worthy managers who see pricing as a key strategic tool for creating and retaining benefits for the customer.

Price has a direct impact on the performance of companies. According to an expert:

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