Second-hand machines are used machines

After use, the factories leave the system for the following reasons

1- These machines are out of production line due to capacity and are considered used

2- The used machines are taken out of the production line due to depreciation and excessive use

3- Devices and production lines of the beverage industry are out of production due to the advancement of fast technology

4- The used machines are taken out of the production line due to high electricity consumption


Second-hand or stock goods. Any goods that are sold, donated, or otherwise are transferred to the second or final end user.

Second-hand goods may not be sold or shipped, and may only be used because they are not new, used, second-hand, or stock.

Of course, the word stock in the field of auto parts means that, for example, a car that has been seriously damaged and parts of it have survived.

It can be purchased as a stock part at a much lower price than the new part

So many times the price of a new piece is 3 to 4 times that of a stock piece.

In general, auto parts are parts

Which are quite similar in appearance and performance to the new piece

But because they are in the second category, they are much cheaper.

In addition to selling used goods, it is possible in many families or friendly groups

These goods should be donated to another person.

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