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Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-04T18:47:21+04:30
Sale of second-hand mineral water production line2020-07-04T18:55:08+04:30

Sale of second-hand mineral water production line

Sale of second-hand mineral water production line

Offshore Company according to your budget

Ability to design and implement all Delster packing lines and machines

Has a standard.

Offshore Company is one of the leaders in the beverage industry

Technical advice and supplier of all machinery and spare parts

Drinking industry lines including:

Mineral water production line Ma’alshair production line

Doogh soda production line

Fruit Juice Line Spastic Production Line

Mineral water machines Water packaging machines

Machinery production and packaging machines

Fruit juice production and packaging machines

Consulting for buying and selling machines and domestic and foreign production lines

Beverage production line, mineral water production line, beer beer production line, chicken production line

Specialized teams for consulting in the field of import, purchase and sale of machinery (domestic and

External) Design, installation, commissioning, training, technical services, production line support

Beer, soda, mineral water, juice and production advice, increase production efficiency, optimize

Production process manufacturing, formulation with the most experienced domestic and foreign technicians

Import of machinery and production line of watermelon mineral water production line, beer production line from Europe

Preparation of PET bottle production machines

Injection preform injection machines

Supply of all raw materials for Doogh beer mineral water

Buy Selling Mineral Water Mineral Drinking Plants Dough

Full mastery of production, quality control, machinery equipment

Processing and packaging, raw materials for production and packaging

Monitor domestic and foreign negotiations

Processing and packaging machines for the dairy and beverage industries

Implement repair and maintenance software

And all the requirements for repair teams

Mastering the production process and optimizing the production process and the final price of the products

Master the application of applications to increase production efficiency and reduce waste

Sale of second-hand mineral water production line

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