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In this section, you will find the machines that you need.

In this place, general information and explanations about the supplied machines that have been written by the Falateghareh company. It is hoped that we will be able to influence your goals by providing high-quality machines and world-class technology, and in the near future, we will witness your great progress dear artisans. We are proud to be with you in this way so that with the help of all elders, we can take the helm of the industrial production of our dear country (Iran).

Co2 gas tank

مخزن گاز کربنیک Co2

According to the needs of the production units that produce carbonated products, the pressurized tank for keeping CO2 carbonate gas is supplied by the Falateghareh Company.

Complete production line

خط تولید کامل

Falateghareh Company has played a significant role by providing the latest technology in the world in the field of providing all production lines of the beverage industry and other services.

Factory sale

راه اندازی خط تولید آب معدنی

Over the years, Falateghareh Company has made many efforts to convey beverage units due to its close relationship with the producers of the beverage industry.

Preform production machine

دستگاه تولید پریفرم

The injection machine is used to produce bottle preforms from PET materials in the beverage industry.

PET bottle production machine

دستگاه تولید بطری دست دوم

PET bottle production machine or Blow Molding is another very important machine in the beverage industry that is offered by the team of Falateghareh Company.

Co2 carbonic gas production line

خط تولید گاز کربنیک Co2

It is cost-effective for companies that have a high need for Co2 carbon dioxide to install and operate Co2 carbon dioxide production lines of Falateghareh.


دستگاه میکسر

The mixer device is responsible for combining the extract and carbonated water, which has a very high sensitivity for the retention of carbon dioxide in drinking products.

Pasteurizer tunnel

دستگاه تونل پاستور

The tunnel pasteurizer device is one of the most important and practical devices used to increase the shelf life of the product in the beer and fruit juice industry.

Bottle Cap production machine

دستگاه تولید درب بطری

PET bottle cap production machine for carbonated and non-gas products is offered by Falateghareh Company in rotation (compression) and (injection).


فیلم خط تولید آب

The labeling machine is considered one of the important devices that has a high level of communication between the final product and the customers, for this reason, one should be very careful in choosing it.


پرکن فیلر

Filling machine (filler) is one of the most important devices and the heart of every production unit in the beverage industry, Falateghareh Company provides many services in this field.


دستگاه شرینگ پک

The Shring Pack machine is one of the devices at the end of the production line, which has the task of packing the produced products and is provided in stitched and overlaid form.

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