خط تولید آب پت 


خط تولید آب پت با ظرفیت 54.000 بطری در ساعت


ساخت شرکت آلمانی KHS


شرکت فلات قاره واردکننده معتبرترین برندهای


تجهیزات و ماشین آلات صنایع آشامیدنی از اروپا


شرکت فلات قاره آمادگی نصب و راه اندازی خطوط تولید آب پت


و دیگر ماشین آلات صنایع آشامیدنی را با همکاری پرسنل فنی خود دارد.


The KHS InnoPET TriBlock is a highly-efficient, space-saving unit comprising a stretch blow molder, labeler and filler and capper module.


As the central component on a filling and packaging line the machine produces up to 81,000 filled bottles per hour.


Water bottler Silver Springs in Mississippi has had such positive experience with its first KHS system,


now up and running for just under two years, that the company recently


commissioned its second TriBlock at its bottling plant in Florida.


The customer is especially convinced by the simple operation and reliability of the entire system,


giving Silver Springs an exceptionally high degree of line availability and thus ensuring cost-efficient production.


In the labeling process on the TriBlock KHS makes use of what is known as


the pre-glued method which applies labels pre-glued by the manufacturer.


This means that as opposed to conventional labeling processes with hot


melt open bottles do not come into contact with adhesive vapors,


thus increasing product safety in the long term.


Doing away with hot melt for labeling also considerably reduces


maintenance effort and susceptibility to failure at this sensitive stage in production.


A further advantage of the KHS TriBlock is that it can also process


extremely light PET bottles or containers made of rPET.


In this way not only can bottle material be saved in the long term but also


resources – namely throughout the entire service life of the machine.


All told, the KHS InnoPET TriBlock helps to reduce the carbon footprint during production on many counts.


خط تولید آب پت 


خط تولید آب پت